1976- Founder, lead guitarist and vocalist, of hard rock band BOWWOW. Using new and innovative sounds, he is the pioneer of the Japanese heavy metal movement. Over the next seven years he releases thirteen LPs and two solo albums, HORIZON and ELECTRIC CINEMA. They tour Japan constantly to sold out venues and Kyoji has his own TV guest appearance shows demonstrating the latest guitar techniques.

Internationally, BOWWOW perform at both Monterey, Switzerland and at the Reading Festival in England. During the latter performance, Kyoji was apparelled in a Kabuki Renjishi costume and is the talk of the town amongst the English music press.

1984- The band name BOWWOW is changed to VOW WOW to emphasize a new line up within the group. Now consisting of five members, it has a more classic rock feel with the addition of keyboard prodigy Rei Atsumi and vocalist Genki Hitomi. In the following six years, Vow Wow will release nine albums bringing them phenomenal success in their home country as well as international recognition including performances at the famous Marquee Club in the UK.

1986- VOW WOW relocate to the UK and make it their home for the next three and a half years. They tour several times through the UK and Germany, return to the Reading Rock Festival and are requested by DJ and Rock/Metal guru Tommy Vance to record the theme for his Friday Rock Show - the number one rock radio show in the UK.

1990-In May, VOW WOW hold their final concert at the legendary Budokan, Tokyo before they break up.

1991- Kyoji forms a new band called WILD FLAG. The self-titled debut album, is followed by THREE FACES and WILD LAND.

1994- Handles production of new album ELLA USA by popular Malaysian artist ELLA. This album becomes Malaysia's highest selling album by a female artist

1995- A new BOWWOW is formed and over the next two years releases three albums.

1997- By special invitation, Kyoji joins the Japanese rock legend Eikichi Yazawa on his All-Japan Tour. He is invited back repeatedly over the next decade.

1998- Re-establishing the original BOWWOW 15 years after they broke up, he releases the album BACK, and they perform at at Akasaka Blitz to fans both old and new. He also releases his third solo album “Mind Arc”.

1999- In July, BOWWOW released the album ANCIENT DREAMS. They perform a live concert entitled Live Explosion 1999, the video and album of this two-day event having a simultaneous release in December. Following on from his second appearance in Eikichi Yazawa's All-Japan Tour as a guitarist, he is invited to perform on the Yazawa Millennium America Tour, performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hawaii.

2000- Kyoji releases another solo album, REQUIEM. BOWWOW released the album BEYOND.

2001- Requested by Uli Jon Roth(ex. SCORPIONS)to perform on his Japanese Tour.
BOWWOW release the acoustic-based album ANOTHER PLACE.

2002- In February, BOWWOW release their new album call WHAT'S GOING ON?

2003- BOWWOW appear in the Summer Universiade Daegu 2003 "O.K.! Crazy!! World Rock Festival" in Korea. Two BOWWOW DVDs are released this year: the first being a half-electric, half-acoustic concert LIVE, the second a friendly rival between BOWWOW and local competitors X.Y.Z.→A titled ROCK TO THE FUTURE He also makes his third appearance on the Eikichi Yazawa All-Japan Tour.

2004- BOWWOW released the album BEYOND which was also released in Korea as their first album.
They perform a commemorational live concert at the CLUB SOUND HOLIC in Seoul.

2004- BOWWOW hold a live concert entitled TONGDUCHON ROCK FESTIVAL Asia Rock Festival in Korea. A fifth solo album is released, TIME.

2005- Kyoji continues to play live both solo and with BOWWOW who release a new album in October. He makes his fourth appearance with Eikichi Yazawa and is invited to perform guitar workshops in Korea.

2006- More albums and DVDs, both solo and with BOWWOW, along with sold out live shows follow over the next two years. Kyoji also start to take on more production projects.

2008- Toshiba EMI reissue the VOW WOW back catalogue in a commemorative limited edition box set which Kyoji re-masters. It sells out instantly and has since become a collector's item. Later in the year he is asked to be the Music Director and Co-ordinator for Bon Jovi/Bruce Springsteen backing vocalist Lisa Bouchelle on her first Japanese visit.

2009- Kyoji produces the album ROCK LEGENDS REBORN, a covers album of 80’s rock songs played with Kazumi Watanabe, Minoru Niihara, Marlene and Kohtaro Oshio amongst others. Later in the year, it is announced that four out of the five original members of VOW WOW will perform on Christmas Day in Tokyo - their first public performance together for nearly twenty years. The show sells out immediately; tickets on Yahoo Auction change hands for $750 USD.

2010- Kyoji releases his 7th solo outing THE LIFE ALBUM to huge critical acclaim in the Japanese guitar magazines. He also has his first compilation released in the USA.